Metrology Expertise

Harmonized processes and quality

Element Metech can help you identify, implement and maintain the right quality level throughout the organization. Our metrology expertise services ranges from technical evaluations, uncertainty calculations, requirement specifications and measuring instructions, to on-site calibrations and instrument stock administration.

Requirement analysis

We are experts at interpretation and documentation of standards, quality requirements and measuring instructions to optimize your routines and need for equipment. An evaluation of today’s solutions and requirements will result in proposals for cost saving streamlining, simplified administrative routines and purchase documentation to increase utilization of your instrument fleet. The analysis is based on the following different approaches:

Technical aspects Including analysis of methods, instrumentation and environment.
Accessibility Including frequency of usage and specific location requirements.
Quality Including demands on the organization, operator, and documentation of methods and measurement results.
Uncertainty calculations

We can help calculate measurement uncertainty for your measurements according to the guidelines in EA-4/02 and Guide to the expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM). This can be used to evaluate if the accuracy of a measuring system complies with your applications.

Method development

We can help develop measurement methods and recommend measurement equipment based on production demands or based on instruments that are in your stock.

Technical evaluations

We can evaluate your methods of measurement, measurement systems and instrumentation, and compare it with your needs and the manufacturer’s specification. Our recommendations will be based on high reliability and lifetime cost.

Equipment Pool and Onsite Instrument Stock Administration

Element Metech can offer onsite personnel as a Single Point of Contact to administrate your local instrument stock in order to increase access to calibrated equipment. When owning and maintaining a large number of test and measurement instruments with multiple inventory locations, utilization of the equipment is usually low. We can assist you in ensuring the right quality level, optimize your instrument fleet, and take care of all your instrument calibration, service and administration needs.

Procurement Support and Instrument Sourcing

We offer procurement support independent of any manufacturer, with recommendations based on our long experience of different brands, technologies, life time costs and customer needs. Our service includes new and used equipment as well as rental or leasing of equipment.