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Quality compliance can never be compromised, and calibration of tools and instruments is essential in quality assurance. While some still maintain internal calibration capacity, others are enjoying the benefits of calibration being provided by independent calibration experts with a flexible solution to follow changing capacity needs and demand for new technical requirements.

Calibration is in our DNA

Element Metech specializes in supporting medium to large organizations to develop, implement and maintain uniform calibration procedures across organizations, with the common goal to reduce life cycle costs of measuring equipment.

Our unique track record of long-term partnerships in a variety of industries, from industrials to Aerospace and FDA-regulated, offers a team of 400 calibration experts and 70 years of experience to support your precise needs.

When calibration is not part of your core business, it certainly is for us.

Instrument management

A calibration solution to your precise needs

An Element-operated calibration laboratory tailored to your needs and located at your facility means we set up, staff, manage and run your facility’s calibration lab based on your needs and quality standards.

Local provision; standardization; modernization – Tailored scope and accreditations

This is how we have grown through long-term partnerships over decades and how several of our 30 European calibration laboratories are operating today. Outsourcing of your internal calibration allows you to focus on what you do best and with a calibration program to cover all your needs and requirements.

Technical platform

Our standardized technical platform and calibration software are used across all locations, which allows standardization and modernization of calibration processes.

Audit-ready with MIO

Metech Instrument Organizer, MIO, is the customer interface and part of Element’s technical calibration platform, which gives you instant access to calibration status, service history and calibration certificates.

Automated calibration alerts and all records automatically updated will simplify audits and help you stay compliant.

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