Feedback and Complaints

Are you happy with our services? Element Metech’s vision is to be the world’s best and most trusted calibration partner. We hope that your experience with us reflects that, and we welcome feedback on your service experience with us.


Element conducts regular customer surveys with a few short questions. You can give us feedback through our customer survey anytime, where you can also leave comments. Please select which of our laboratories your feedback refers to.

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Feedback and complaints

Element Metech evaluate all feedback and take actions to improve our service or to resolve any complaint. Element Metech will acknowledge the receipt of a complaint and provide the complainant with information on the progress to resolve the complaint and the outcome of the complaint.

Through this email address, you can submit feedback, suggestions for improvement or report any deviations: [at]


Deviations, feedback and suggestions for improvements can also be reported directly in MIO.