A full-service commitment in Metrology

Element Metech helps make certain that our customers’ measuring operations meet their quality requirements or regulatory requirements by using thoroughly calibrated equipment, and with the aim to maximize instrument access and production uptime.

Calibration Services

Element Metech offers one of Europe’s widest ranges of traceable and accretited calibration services. We are vendor independent and able to support most brands and instrument types.

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On-site calibration services
What is calibration?

Online Calibration Management by MIO

Metech Instrument Organizer (MIO), is our user friendly online tool to help you keep track of calibration status, instrument history and calibration certificates. Secure, ISO compliant and audit-ready.

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Instrument Service and Repair

We serve and repair thousands of instruments annually at our service centers. Our services include repair of all types of instruments from standard instruments such as multimeters to advanced instruments. With decades of experience and a unique library of manuals, means you can continue to calibrate, serve and use instruments that have been a part of your production since many years.

Dimensional inspection – Measurement services

Element Metech provides accurate measurement data by coordinate measuring and laser tracking for production control. Measurements are performed on e.g. fixtures, first article inspections and reference samples, receiving and delivery inspection, third party verification, and reverse engineering.

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Metrology Expertise

Our aim is to help you identify, implement and maintain the right quality level across the organization. Our experts offer consultancy services ranging from technical evaluations, uncertainty calculations, requirement specifications, measuring instructions, and streamlining of calibration activities, to onsite calibrations and instrument stock administration.

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Training services in Calibration and Metrology

Element Metech provides training and education within Metrology, Quality and Electronics to increase awareness and reduce risk. The courses can be tailored to specific needs and special requirements.

  • Why Calibrate? An introduction to metrology and the need for calibration.
  • Measuring Uncertainty. And introduction to the importance of known accuracy and measuring uncertainty.
  • MIO Training. Get the most out of our online calibration management platform.
  • Customized training.