Our European calibration laboratories

Element Metech offers one of the broadest and most reliable ranges of traceable and accredited calibration services in Europe. For calibration enquiries, please use our contact page and we will connect back shortly.

These are our main European calibration laboratories:


Calibraton laboratory in Linköping, Stockholm, Arboga, Ludvika, Gothenburg, Trollhättan, Eslöv

Element Metech AB
Box 1340
SE-581 13 Linköping
Sweden+46 (0)10-603 61 00
info.se [at] element.com
Visiting address:
ASJ-vägen 7, Linköping


Calibraton laboratory in Copenhagen-Taastrup, Karup, Esbjerg, Lem

Element Metech A/S
Herningvej 30
DK-7470 Karup
Denmark+45 96 62 50 00
info.metech.dk [at] element.com


Calibraton laboratory in Helsinki-Nummela, Vaasa, Sastamala, Oulu.

Element Metech Oy
Kuormakuja 1
FI-03100 Nummela
FinlandT: +358 (0)400 356 050
info.metech.fi [at] element.com


Calibraton laboratory in Hamburg-Norderstedt, Bremen, Berlin-Hennigsdorf, Wiesloch

Element Metech GmbH
Hans-Böckler-Ring 9
D-22851 Norderstedt/Hamburg
Germany+49 (0) 40-52 95 61-0
info.metech.de [at] element.com

Czech Republic

Calibraton laboratory in Prague

Element Metech  s.r.o
Toužimská 767
199 00 Prague
Czech Republic+420 778 085 554
info.metech.cz [at] element.com