Dimensional Inspection, Measurement Services

Coordinate Measurement and Laser Tracking Services

Element Metech provides independent and accurate measurement data by coordinate measuring and laser tracking for production control. Measurements are performed for e.g. First Article Inspection (FAI), fixtures, reference samples, receiving and delivery inspection, third party verification, and reverse engineering.

Coordinate measurements being performed in our laboratory

Coordinate Measuring Machines

We operate several types of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), both fixed and mobile arms that can be used onsite. CMM’s are primarily used for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object to accurately determine size and position.

The best accuracy is provided by fixed tactile probe CMM’s in our laboratories, offering measurement of components down to micrometer precision.

Tactile CMM

Tactile (touch) probes reduces the noise that is seen in light based scanning technologies which allows a higher level of accuracy and precision. Various straight and angled probes, tactile CMM allow high precision measurement of geometries that are generally out of the line of sight.

Optical CMM

Optical CMM is a non-contact 3D-measurement technique. In optical CMM, an optical scan creates a digital 3D image, which can be compared with the construction drawing to precisely detect deviations. Optical 3D coordinate measurement is available at one of our German laboratories.

Portable CMM, Measuring arms

Our portable tactile CMM measuring arms can be quickly set up on to perform measurements directly on your production line. On-site measurement by portable CMM is provided by our Swedish team. The operating range is a 3,6 meter sphere. Measurement uncertainty U = ±0,086 mm, k=2.

Laser Tracking

Laser Trackers make fast and precise 3D coordinate measurement on large objects on-site, by determination of spatial XYZ positions of optical targets, reflectors, manually held against target points on the object. Objects and surfaces can also be scanned by the reflector being moved over a surface.

Laser Tracking is primarily used for:

  • Dimensional inspection and validation of large components, products and surfaces
  • Alignment and levelling inspections at installation of production equipment
  • Validation and calibration of production or measuring equipment

Typical applications:

  • Wind turbine rotor blades
  • Aircraft structure and components
  • Marine vessel frame structure and hull
  • Rail chassis and bodywork
  • Installation of production equipment


Laser tracking reflector held against a target point on the object
Coordinate measurement by CMM

Reverse engineering

Utilize our measurement services to digitalize and archive the geometry of critical parts for future needs. We can also assist you in re-designing a subcomponent to an existing assembly, and along with our experienced metallurgists determine materials characteristics such as hardness, tensile strength, impact resistance and chemical composition.