Calibration of measuring instruments

Element Metech offers a single point of contact for all your calibration needs. We are vendor independent and able to calibrate most brands and instrument types. Our experienced metrology experts can help you to set up a calibration service to help you meet your precise requirements.

Our calibration capabilities

Our calibration capabilities and accreditations cover a wide range of disciplines:

Electrical  calibration

Electrical instruments

We calibrate instruments within DC/LF, RF/Microwave (HF), high voltage, time and frequency.

Dimensional equipment

We calibrate length measuring equipment, thread gauges and angular sensors.

Calibration of a digital manometer

Mechanical tools and gauges

Including Torque, Force, Pressure, Flow, Mass/Weight, Acceleration/Vibration

Calibration of a IR-thermometer

Temperature and Humidity

We calibrate instruments measuring temperature and air humidity, from handheld equipment to furnaces and climate chambers.

Electrical  calibration

Optical instruments

We specialize in calibration of instruments measuring optical signals including service of fusion splicers. 

Acoustic equipment

One of our laboratories specializes in calibration of acoustic equipment, from standard sound level meters to medical acoustic devices.

Performing calibration of a multi-channel pipette


We provide accredited calibration all types of single and multi-channel pipettes.

Calibration of a IR-thermometer

Validation Services

We offer validation services of laboratory equipment and processes to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Instrument management

Why partner with Element Metech?

“70 years of experience in the calibration business and 400 calibration experts to support your needs”

“Element Metech offers one of the broadest and most reliable ranges of calibration services in Europe”

“A flexible calibration solution to meet your precise needs, provided locally and across organizations”

✓ Ensure compliance
✓ Reduce risk
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✓ Simplify audits