Element has acquired the calibration business at LEAX Quality in Sweden

Jan 25, 2021

We are very pleased to announce that Element Metech has acquired the calibration business at LEAX Quality AB in Köping, Sweden, and that LEAX also has selected Element Metech as calibration partner through a 5-year agreement.

Element Metech will take over the internal calibration operations at LEAX Quality in Köping from 1 January 2021, including external calibration assignments. In the long term, the business will be integrated with Elements’ nearby accredited calibration laboratory in Arboga.

For 30 years LEAX Quality has successfully operated an accredited calibration laboratory in connection with the head office in Köping, primarily for internal needs but also for external customers.

Joacim Blomberg is Vice President and CTO of LEAX Group:

 “We are very pleased to present Element as our calibration partner after our decision to no longer perform calibration in-house. LEAX’s core business is to produce advanced components and subsystems for our customers, while Element Metech are calibration experts with over 70 years in the industry. Our calibration staff will follow over to Element and will have new colleagues in the field of metrology, and we will also leave our external calibration customers in very good hands. ”

Björn Kullman is General Manager for Element in Sweden:

“We welcome LEAX and their external calibration customers to Element. We also wish the calibration team at LEAX welcome to the Element family. Element’s growth journey through long-term partnerships and acquisitions continues. The acquisition of LEAX calibration operations adds additional capacity and expertise to our calibration laboratory in Arboga, which just recently moved to a new, larger facility.” 

We will be in contact with all LEAX Quality’s calibration customers, but for the time being it is “business as usual”. All accreditations are valid and you keep your previous contacts.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Björn Kullman
General Manager Element Sweden
+46 (0)10-279 47 25
bjorn.kullman [at]


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