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Focus on your core business and let us handle your calibration needs

Let us be honest. Calibration is not part of your core business and to ensure compliance is both difficult and resource intensive. With Element as your calibration partner, you instead get access to exactly the right quality, technical breadth, and capacity that is required.

When our customers outsource their calibration services to us, they can rely on a high quality and efficient process, great value for money, and a reliable output that fits their market. Our calibration experts deliver cost-effective solutions and high-quality results time after time.

Our Offer: Outsourcing Of Calibration


On-site Calibration

Planned calibration on site and during ongoing process. We offer calibration services directly at your facility or in your production line within a wide area of expertise. If you prefer your own equipment to be used, you can hire competent and knowledgeable personnel from Element who carry out the calibrations.

Off-site Calibration

We set up a calibration laboratory, run by us and tailored to your needs, located at your facility. This means that we manage staff and operate your facility’s calibration lab on site and based on your needs and quality standards.

Complete Outsourcing

Element Metech specializes in supporting the development, implementation and maintenance of uniform calibration procedures throughout your organization. You can adapt the capacity to your increased or decreased needs, as well as to new technical areas and quality requirements.

What is the next step?
Contact me and we will discuss further.

I have worked with calibration outsourcing for 20 years, and lead Element Metech in Sweden. I am responsible for some of our more extensive customer solutions, and make sure to establish the necessary contacts – from needs analysis and solution proposals to implementation together with our technical teams.

Four Reasons to Outsource  Calibration Services

By outsourcing calibration, you can focus on what you do best, while having a calibration program that covers all your needs and requirements.

1. Quality: ensure that your tools and instruments are calibrated correctly and in accordance with industry standards, which in turn can improve the quality of your products and services.

2. Cost efficiency: Faster turnaround time, improve processes, predict maintenance and avoid unexpected and costly repairs.

3. Flexibility: External calibration providers offer flexible solutions that can be adapted to the changing needs of the company and the demand for new technical requirements.

4. Expertise: Outsourced calibration services provide access to specialized experts who are trained and experienced in calibration and can carry out the work in a professional manner.

Trust our clients

“We decided to no longer conduct internal calibration activities. Our core business is producing advanced components and subsystems for our customers, while Element Metech are experts in calibration with over 70 years in the industry.”
Joacim Blomberg

Vice President and CTO, LEAX Group, LEAX Quality AB


Why is measuring instrument calibration a matter for management?

Although calibration is not a core business, it is absolutely crucial for your compliance. Many internal calibration functions have been around since time immemorial, but is it time for a rethink? A modern solution can in a much more efficient way ensure that your quality requirements are met.

By hiring an accredited calibration partner, you get an extra security and quality stamp for your business.

How do I outsource calibration?

How you go about outsourcing your calibration depends on the industry you belong to and the number of instruments. Get in touch with Elements contact person via email and we’ll book a start-up meeting.

Why should you outsource calibration and what are the benefits?
  • Calibration of measuring instruments is essential for many companies, but rarely part of the core business. Through outsourcing, you can outsource your calibration to a third party, which is an effective strategy for increasing efficiency, solving skills shortages, reducing costs and ensuring delivery, regardless of boom or bust.
  • Having the calibration carried out by an impartial specialist can guarantee that it is carried out by experts with competence in industry-specific requirements, ISO requirements etc. Hiring an accredited calibration partner is an extra security and quality stamp for your business.
  • Fixed costs become variable and fully adapted to volume needs. Don’t reinvent the wheel on your own. Instead, share costs for technology development, equipment and accreditations with Swedish industry.
What services does Element Metech offer in outsourcing?

Element Metech provides outsourcing services for calibration, testing and verification of equipment and processes. Our team of experts are highly skilled and experienced in delivering accurate and reliable results to help your business achieve compliance and quality assurance. Element Metech offers:

Why choose Element as your calibration partner?

Satisfied customers

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