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We come to you! Calibration of electrical instruments on-site means less instrument downtime and the equipment will be instantly back in production.

This information is for you who requires on-site calibration in Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine or Slovakia.

Electrical calibration

On-site electrical calibration

Our calibration team in Prague specializes in the on-site calibration of electrical instruments for the electronics industry and operates in Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and Slovakia.

Our on-site calibration capabilities cover:

  • Handheld equipment such as multimeters and clamp-on ammeters
  • Stationary equipment such as oscilloscopes and power units
  • Reference standards

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Accredited calibration

Our ISO 17025 accreditation covers on-site calibration of instruments and references:

  • AC-DC voltage, resistance, current
  • Amplitude
  • Distortion of LF signal
  • Reflection coefficient
  • Power output
  • HF attenuation
  • Capacity
  • Inductance
  • Time & Frequency
  • FM frequency swing


Calibration of spectrum analyzer

About Element Metech

Element Metech is a leading, independent full-service provider of calibration services. With over 70 years in the business, we provide one of the broadest and most reliable ranges of calibration services in Europe. 

Our team in Prague specializes in the calibration of electrical instruments in our laboratory and on-site in our customers’ facilities. With extensive experience in the electronics industry, we operate on-site in Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and Slovakia.

Element Metech is part of Element, the global provider of Testing, Inspection, and Certification services for a diverse range of materials and products in sectors where failure in service is not an option.


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