Metech Instrument Organizer (MIO), is our user friendly online tool to help you manage and keep track of calibration status, instrument history and calibration certificates. Secure, compliant and audit-ready. Through MIO you can also book calibrations and service.

MIO helps you reduce administration time and costs, and at the same time increase instrument utilization. MIO fulfils the requirements about documentation for measuring instruments according to ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001, ISO 10012 and ISO/TS 16949.

Basic functionality

  • Instrument handling and downloading of calibration reports.
  • Design your own lists
  • Upload and link your own files and documents
  • Support för internal calibrations, create your own calibration events and upload calibration reports
  • Metrological confirmation
  • More data fields
  • Change log for all fields
  • Download invoice specifications

Standard add-on

  • Order and follow up calibration and service
  • Book calibrations and service
  • More options for recall of instruments due for calibration

Special add-on

  • Manage MIO accounts and permissions within your own company
  • Publish news on the welcome page.

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Calibration Certificates

All calibrations and repairs performed by Element Metech will generate a calibration certificate, or a service report if calibration is not performed.

You have access to your calibration certificates and reports by filling in Device number (MIO id) and Report number. Login is not required.