We aspire to be the world leader in the provision of calibration, measuring and consultancy services across industries and across the globe. We are committed to achieve our mission in a professional and ethically sound way. Our values define our culture and are inherent in our quality management system.

Our independent laboratories shall be committed to good professional practice and the quality of the services to the customer. The standard of the services shall meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations. Competent, empowered and engaged people at all levels and evidence-based decision making is key to achieve the quality objectives and create and deliver value to our customers and owners.

The quality management system shall cover all work performed and ensure that we fulfil customer requirements with the aim of enhancing quality of the services and customer satisfaction. The process approach shall secure that work is done according to customer requirements and stated methods. The system shall ensure the customers confidential information and proprietary rights and that our management and personnel are free from any undue internal and external commercial, financial and other pressures and influences that may adversely affect the quality of their work.

It is the responsibility of all employees to be familiar with the quality management system and implement the policies and procedures in their daily work. We are committed to fulfil applicable regulatory requirements and to maintain third-party certifications and accreditations. We shall fulfil the requirements in ISO 9001 Quality management systems – Requirements and the laboratories shall fulfil the requirements in ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, the accredited laboratories shall fulfil the requirements set up by the national accreditation bodies. Quality assurance of measurement and calibration results shall be done by participating in national and international interlaboratory comparisons and by validation of methods.

We shall always strive to maintain a professional relationship with all relevant interested parties such as owners, employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, partners, organisations, regulatory bodies and authorities. Best practice and benchmarking shall be a natural part of the daily work and we shall cooperate with other laboratories, metrology organisations and regulatory bodies by taking part in available workgroups and seminars.

We are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and its processes to enhance quality performance.

Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden mit Kalibrierungen und messtechnischer Beratung für Produktqualität und Risikominimierung

Unsere Kernkompetenz:

  • Unabhängiger Lieferant für Kalibrier-, Mess- und Beratungsdienstleistungen
  • Wir verfügen über eine breite Expertise und hohe Servicequalität für unsere Kunden
  • Bereitstellung flexibler und wertschöpfender Service-Lösungen
  • Nähe zu unseren Kunden und Bereitstellung von Kalibrierdienstleistungen vor Ort
  • Kompetente, fähige und engagierte Mitarbeiter in allen Bereichen