Your measurements are wrong...

In fact no measurement is perfect. Your measured value always includes an uncertainty induced by defciencies in measurement equipment, procedures and random variables. 

It can be crucial to know how well your readings reflect reality. What impact might it have on your business if you have too much measurement inaccuracy?

Why should you calibrate your equipment?

Calibration of the instrument is made to ensure a specifc quality level of the measurements, in order to comply with industry standards or internal requirements.

Does it matter whether your measurements are accurate?
- If it does – calibrate your equipment.
- If it doesn’t – why do you measure?

Why use an accredited laboratory?

ISO/IEC 17025 is a recognised international standard. As a quality label it will mean increased confidence in your company and products if your customers know that your test equipment has been properly calibrated by an independent qualified calibration laboratory. 

We can help you to set and implement the right requirements, calibrate your equipment and achieve the right quality level.

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