We are delighted to announce that Element has acquired Kalibrierdienst Kopp GmbH (KDK) to strengthen and expand our calibration business in Germany.

KDK’s 40-strong team of experts has served the automotive and general engineering industries for over 25 years, operating from its well invested, DakkS accredited headquarters located in Wiesloch. The business has an impressive track record of long-term customer relationships with leading blue chip companies, and is ideally located in the north Baden-Württemberg region, giving Element Metech access to the German industrial hub in the South.

While Element Metech currently holds a strong share of the calibration market in northern Europe including northern Germany, there is a significant growth opportunity in Germany which is forecast to grow more rapidly than any other country in the region over the next five years.

KDK’s service range and ISO 17025 accreditation will strengthen our capabilities in Germany, and enable us to offer a broader service range to our current customers.

Wolfgang Kopp, KDK CEO, commented:

  “I am delighted that KDK will be joining Element – we will bring a set of new capabilities and customers to this well-established European leader in calibration services and look forward to joining Element’s network of global experts and customers. We are also glad to have found a new home to provide continuity and development for all employees and customer relationships. With its impressive growth and its track record in integrating new businesses, we look forward to becoming a valued part of the Group and helping drive the growth of Element’s German calibration business.”

We will be in contact with all KDK customers, but for the time being it is "business as usual". KDK colleagues will continue to work from their current location and will report to Thomas Etzold, Managing Director Element Metech Germany. The previous KDK owner will continue as a consultant for a number of months.

All accreditations are valid and you keep your previous contacts.

If you have any questions regarding the transition, please reach out to us: 

Thomas Etzold
Managing Director Element Metech GmbH
thomas.etzold [at] element.com

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