Through long-term partnerships we work closely together for the beneft of our customers. Element Metech is the leading independent calibration provider in Europe, and since 1947 we have been growing continuously through outsourcing partnerships.

Specializing in outsourcing of internal calibration laboratories means deep understanding in many industries and new capabilities, accreditations and capacity that benefits all our customers.

Harmonized processes and quality

We are experts at interpreting quality requirements and standards from many industry sectors. In an Element Metech partnership we will help you to identify and implement the right quality level throughout the organization.

By outsourcing your calibration operations you will benefit from economies of scale with opportunities to increase instrument utilization and harmonize procedures facilitating implementation of technology changes or adaptation to new environmental requirements.

Outsourcing means you can focus on your core business, leaving all calibration and maintenance of measurement equipment to us including laboratory equipment and staff, reducing CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and administration costs. This also means Element Metech from now on takes full responsibility for investments, maintenance of accreditations and staff.

What about the staff?

From being a part of the internal costs, when an internal calibration facility becomes a part of Element Metech this also means employees become an important part of our core business. Often this also means opportunities to work with other Element Metech clients and other types of equipment.

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