We are delighted to announce that Element has acquired Kalibrierdienst Kopp GmbH (KDK) to strengthen and expand our calibration business in Germany.

KDK’s 40-strong team of experts has served the automotive and general engineering industries for over 25 years, operating from its well invested, DakkS accredited headquarters located in Wiesloch. The business has an impressive track record of long-term customer relationships with leading blue chip companies, and is ideally located in the north Baden-Württemberg region, giving Element Metech access to the German industrial hub in the South.

While Element Metech currently holds a strong share of the calibration market in northern Europe including northern Germany, there is a significant growth opportunity in Germany which is forecast to grow more rapidly than any other country in the region over the next five years.

KDK’s service range and ISO 17025 accreditation will strengthen our capabilities in Germany, and enable us to offer a broader service range to our current customers.

Wolfgang Kopp, KDK CEO, commented:

  “I am delighted that KDK will be joining Element – we will bring a set of new capabilities and customers to this well-established European leader in calibration services and look forward to joining Element’s network of global experts and customers. We are also glad to have found a new home to provide continuity and development for all employees and customer relationships. With its impressive growth and its track record in integrating new businesses, we look forward to becoming a valued part of the Group and helping drive the growth of Element’s German calibration business.”

We will be in contact with all KDK customers, but for the time being it is "business as usual". KDK colleagues will continue to work from their current location and will report to Thomas Etzold, Managing Director Element Metech Germany. The previous KDK owner will continue as a consultant for a number of months.

All accreditations are valid and you keep your previous contacts.

If you have any questions regarding the transition, please reach out to us: 

Thomas Etzold
Managing Director Element Metech GmbH
thomas.etzold [at] element.com

Kalibrering av mätinstrument

We are very pleased to announce that Element Metech has acquired the calibration business at LEAX Quality AB in Köping, Sweden, and that LEAX also has selected Element Metech as calibration partner through a 5-year agreement.

Element Metech will take over the internal calibration operations at LEAX Quality in Köping from 1 January 2021, including external calibration assignments. In the long term, the business will be integrated with Elements' nearby accredited calibration laboratory in Arboga.

For 30 years LEAX Quality has successfully operated an accredited calibration laboratory in connection with the head office in Köping, primarily for internal needs but also for external customers.

Joacim Blomberg is Vice President and CTO of LEAX Group:

 Joacim Blomberg LEAX “We are very pleased to present Element as our calibration partner after our decision to no longer perform calibration in-house. LEAX's core business is to produce advanced components and subsystems for our customers, while Element Metech are calibration experts with over 70 years in the industry. Our calibration staff will follow over to Element and will have new colleagues in the field of metrology, and we will also leave our external calibration customers in very good hands. ”

Björn Kullman is General Manager for Element in Sweden:

Björn Kullman General Manager Element Sweden  “We welcome LEAX and their external calibration customers to Element. We also wish the calibration team at LEAX welcome to the Element family. Element’s growth journey through long-term partnerships and acquisitions continues. The acquisition of LEAX calibration operations adds additional capacity and expertise to our calibration laboratory in Arboga, which just recently moved to a new, larger facility.” 

Element is one of the world's leading providers of materials testing, calibration and certification services with more than 6,000 experts in 200 laboratories. Elements' operations in Sweden consist of Element Metech and Element Materials Technology AB, who provides materials testing and advisory services. In Sweden, Element has eight calibration laboratories in addition to the Leax operations, and four testing laboratories.

We will be in contact with all LEAX Quality’s calibration customers, but for the time being it is "business as usual". All accreditations are valid and you keep your previous contacts.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Björn Kullman
General Manager Element Sweden
+46 (0)10-279 47 25
bjorn.kullman [at] element.com

Kalibrering av mätinstrument

Element has signed a 12 year framework agreement with Saab AB, with an estimated value of more than US $100m, to deliver calibration and materials expertise and testing services over the next six years, with a six-year extension option.

Element will carry out calibration, inspection and consultancy work at Saab’s onsite facilities, working closely and integrating with Saab’s operations. It will also provide a wide range of consultancy services as well as mechanical, analytical and non-destructive testing from its laboratories in Sweden. The work will be performed according to the specialist requirements of Saab, which require extensive approvals and exceptionally high levels of service.

Element’s calibration experts will support Saab in maintaining reliable and quality compliant measuring operations with uniform procedures across locations, with the common goal to reduce life cycle costs of measuring equipment. Its materials testing, inspection and advisory services will ensure structural integrity of materials, processes, products and systems, as well as supporting Saab’s R&D and production units and end market maintenance service units.

Matt Hopkinson, EVP EMEAA at Element, said:

“We are delighted to extend our relationship with Saab and this agreement is a strong confirmation of Element’s position as one of the leading providers of technically demanding services to the Aerospace and Defense industries. The contract builds on our long-standing track record with Saab and will allow us to continuously improve our delivery program and facilitate greater efficiency and value for one of our most valued clients. We very much look forward to serving Saab into the medium term future and beyond.”

Element Metech is the calibration division of Element that delivers calibration services, measuring services and metrological consultancy services. With 25 calibration locations across Europe, our calibration capabilities cover electrical instruments, dimensional measuring equipment, mechanical gauges and transducers, optics, acoustic equipment and laboratory equipment, serving customers in a diverse range of sectors.

Dear Customer,

We are all aware of the outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) over the last months and the significant impact that it has had on people and communities across the world.

At Element Metech, we are not operationally affected at his point and our calibration laboratories are operating as normal.

For calibration requests, please contact our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Precautionary measures taken

We have taken several steps to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our people, our operations and by extension our customers. Most onsite services, visits to our laboratories and personal customer meetings have been postponed for the time being, but we are of course ready to assist you in our laboratories.

As a global business, and with safety as our number one value, Element recognizes the importance of responding to the Coronavirus situation in a way that ensures the safety and wellbeing of all our colleagues and their families, visitors to our locations, as well as ensuring that we play a responsible role in supporting the containment of the pandemic.

Element has two priorities: keeping our colleagues and their families as safe as we can and ensuring that we minimize disruption to operations. We have central and regional crisis management teams working with local leadership across operations, safety and HR. This ensures that we can continue to provide the support that our colleagues and customers need while taking full account of local circumstances and government guidance.

We are constantly monitoring what is a fluid situation and review all advice from the World Health Organization (WHO), national and local governments and other relevant authorities to agree the necessary actions to protect our people, communities and our business in these challenging times.

If you have immediate questions, please get in touch with your local Element Metech contact.

Best regards,
Element Metech

After a few years in Ratingen Düsseldorf, we have now completed our move to Herne in North Rhine-Westphalia. The new laboratory offers greater capacity and potential for continued growth in the NRW region. Our team is ready to take your calibration requests.

The Herne laboratory offers calibration measuring instruments, tools and gauges in a wide range of disciplines: Electronics, Length, Threads, Temperature, Humidity, Torque, Force, Mass/Scales, Pressure and more.

Our new address

Element Metech GmbH
Südstrasse 59
D-44625 Herne, NRW

Telephone: + 49 (0)23 25 90 79 111
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Contact our team for calibration requests and more information.

Dear valued customer,

On 29 June, 2017, Exova was acquired by Element Materials Technology. Since that date, the two companies have been working together to integrate our businesses into a single organization that will be known as ‘Element’ in the future. As we near the end of the integration process, we have some important news to share with you. Element’s newly combined business makes us the #1 testing provider in the global aerospace and oil & gas sectors, and a market leader in the U.S. transportation and automotive testing market. With 200 laboratories and over 6200 employees worldwide, you now have access to increased capacity, capability and expertise for all of your existing and future materials testing, product qualification testing, calibration, certification and consulting needs.


  • Effective on or around 25 June 2018 our name will change from Exova Metech to Element Metech 
  • The company organization number and VAT registration will remain unchanged
  • Please use our new name on your POs
  • Invoices will contain our new name as well
  • Test reports and certificates will have an Element Metech logo
  • Banking information will not change
  • All contracts remain valid and will not change

Please update your records accordingly.

Our name will change, but one thing that will not is our commitment to you, our client. The team at Exova is excited about joining Element as together we pursue our shared goals of becoming the best
and most trusted testing partner for your industry by providing consistent and industry-leading on-time delivery, turn-times and service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require additional information regarding this matter. Until further notice, please keep all contact details to our teams.

Mats Persson,
Division Director, Calibration & Testing Nordics

To learn more about Element, please visit www.element.com



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