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On 29 June, 2017, Exova was acquired by Element Materials Technology. Since that date, the two companies have been working together to integrate our businesses into a single organization that will be known as ‘Element’ in the future. As we near the end of the integration process, we have some important news to share with you. Element’s newly combined business makes us the #1 testing provider in the global aerospace and oil & gas sectors, and a market leader in the U.S. transportation and automotive testing market. With 200 laboratories and over 6200 employees worldwide, you now have access to increased capacity, capability and expertise for all of your existing and future materials testing, product qualification testing, calibration, certification and consulting needs.


  • Effective on or around 25 June 2018 our name will change from Exova Metech to Element Metech 
  • The company organization number and VAT registration will remain unchanged
  • Please use our new name on your POs
  • Invoices will contain our new name as well
  • Test reports and certificates will have an Element Metech logo
  • Banking information will not change
  • All contracts remain valid and will not change

Please update your records accordingly.

Our name will change, but one thing that will not is our commitment to you, our client. The team at Exova is excited about joining Element as together we pursue our shared goals of becoming the best
and most trusted testing partner for your industry by providing consistent and industry-leading on-time delivery, turn-times and service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require additional information regarding this matter. Until further notice, please keep all contact details to our teams.

Mats Persson,
Division Director, Calibration & Testing Nordics

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Element Metech has invested in a new state of the art Accelerometer Calibration System at its Linköping Laboratory. It is a fully automated system using FFT signal analysis with thorough capability for all accelerometer types.

- We are the first business in Scandinavia that are investing in a complete automated system which makes us a market leader in calibration of Acceleration & Vibration, says Johan Benett, Chief Technology Officer at Element Metech .

Element Metech has a long history of Acceleration calibration and our experts have been well trained in working with the new system. In addition to calibrating the most common accelerometer types, the system can also perform Shock Calibration and Impact Hammer Calibration.

  - The reason we are investing in a new Accelerometer Calibration System is to broaden our capabilities towards our customers, but also to be able to calibrate large quantities as the system is fully automatized concludes Johan Benett.

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9155 Accelerometer Calibration System


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Yesterday Exova became part of the Element Materials Technology Group, one of the world’s most highly respected testing and product qualification businesses.

Defence and security company Saab has completed a successful first flight of the next generation smart fighter, Gripen E. Element Metech has a long and fruitful collaboration with Saab and through our partnership we have been a key contributor to the Gripen platform and its business success. We congratulate Saab on Gripen E´s successful maiden flight and we are proud to have been a part of this achievement.

For more information about Gripen E´s first flight:

Gripen E First Flight 90662

Gripen E first flight over Linköping Friday 16 of June 2017

Mats Persson has been appointed Managing Director for Element Metech replacing Peter Engberg, who will be leaving the business. Mats will take up his new role effective from 1st June 2017.

Mats Persson has had a long and successful career within Element Metech as Head of Sales and Marketing, and recently General Manager for Sweden and Finland.  Prior to this Mats was CEO and Owner of a business within the Specialist Surface industry.

“I am very excited to take on my new role at Element Metech .  I have been working in the business for 10 years, and I know that we are among the best in the industry when it comes to quality control and risk management. We have an exciting future ahead of us with a lot of new opportunities”

Peter Engberg will continue his career at Saab AB, one of Exova Metech s key customers, as Head of Saab Traffic Management. 

Mats Persson

Mats Persson

World Metrology Day is celebrated by over 80 countries each year on 20 May - the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention back in 1875. To this day, the agreement provides the basis for a single, coherent system of measurements that are traceable to the International System of Units (SI).

The theme for World Metrology Day 2017 is Measurements for transport. This theme was chosen because transport plays such a key role in the modern world. We not only move ourselves, but also the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the goods we use and rely on, not forgetting the raw materials they are made from. Doing so safely, efficiently and with minimal environmental impact requires an astonishing range of measurements.

Indeed more widely metrology, the science of measurement, plays a central role in scientific discovery and innovation, industrial manufacturing and international trade, in improving the quality of life and in protecting the global environment. (Text from

Element Metech has been working with calibration of measurement equipment since 1947, helping companies in the Aerospace & Defence, Life Sciences, Energy and Engineering sector with quality control and risk management. We are proud of our long and rich history, providing high quality services to our clients.


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Element Metech  in Göteborg, Sweden has been approved for maintaining Volvo Cars Quality Excellence status, which is according to Volvo Cars a proof of Element Metech beeing among the best supplier in the industry. The award is given annually to suppliers in recognition of their commitment to deliver and maintain the high standards and requirements set by Volvo Cars. Element Metech achived the award during a cermony in January 2016. The maintaining of Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Status (VQE) meens that we are considered as the supplier of choice and will be considered for new business with Volvo Cars in the future.

From 15 January 2017, Element Metech has taken over the calibration activities at Semco Maritime and will also be Semco Maritime's preferred partner within the calibration of measuring equipment and associated services worldwide.

The take-over is the result of a long-term relationship between the two companies as well as Element Metech 's ability to adjust and develop its services on a constantly developing market. In connection with the take-over, Element Metech will continue their activities in the instrument calibration laboratory at Staget in Esbjerg from where three employees will maintain the service to all current customers.

Lars Christensen, vice president of Semco Maritime, explains: "We have cooperated with Element Metech for many years and this agreement ensures the best partner for us on calibration, but also a strong and dedicated owner of the instrument calibration laboratory. By outsourcing our calibration activities, we ensure that our focus and resources are in the right place. We have always been very satisfied with and proud of our instrument calibration laboratory which has serviced our customers with great professionalism and high technical competence. This development must be in place in order to continue and become stronger."

Bendix Christensen, CEO of Element Metech , says: "The agreement with Semco Maritime confirms our position as one of the leading providers of technically demanding services to the energy sector as well as the ability to listen to our customers' requirements and needs. By establishing ourselves in Esbjerg - the centre of the energy sector in Denmark - we have the possibility to offer our broad palette of services to even more companies within this sector. Currently, we offer a free instrument control system, collection and delivery of the measuring equipment in our own vehicles, on-site calibration at the customer's premises and many other associated services. We look forward to being able to spread these services out to current as well as future customers of the instrument calibration laboratory."

At the end of October our site in Arboga, Sweden, was appointed by National Instruments as one of their Certified Service Centers. This means that NI are going to channel all their customers equipment from the Nordic region to our facility in Arboga for calibration services. We are very happy for the confidence NI has given us, and we hope that with our expertise and skills we will have a long and productive partnership.  


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