O společnosti Element Metech

Trusted Calibration Partner

Element Metech is the leading independent calibration provider in Europe with 20 locations in Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Since more than 70 years we have been growing continuously through long-term partnerships providing metrological expertise and by outsourcing of internal calibration operations.

We help make certain that our customers’ measuring operations meet their quality standards or regulatory requirements, by using thoroughly calibrated equipment. Our calibration and measuring services are delivered on our customers’ premises and in our calibration laboratories by flexible logistics with the aim to maximize instrument access and production uptime.

Element Metech is the Calibration division of Element, the market leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification services. Learn more about Element on Element.com.


Division Management

Mats Persson
Division Director, Calibration & Testing Nordics

Leif Åström
Finance Director

Patrik Persson
Technical Director

Ad Wientjes
Sales Director

Wencke Gretenkort
Human Resource Director

Country Management

Walter Riedl

Miroslava Pálková
Czech Republic

Björn Kullman

Rami Heikkila

Bendix Christensen


The history of Element Metech

Our calibration business has a long and rich history dating back over 70 years, and it all started in a Swedish Air Force instrument workshop in 1947. In 2013 we established in the Czech Republic by acquisition of GSMobile Calibration. We were previously Exova Metech, and in June 2017 Exova Group was acquired by Element Materials Technology (Element). We are now Element Metech, the calibration division of Element.

Element was originally formed out of the in-house laboratories of Stork, the Dutch engineering and manufacturing company, and we trace our origins back to 1827, over 190 years ago.